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Leanne & Ana

Dental Hygienists With a Sweet Tooth

Aloha, we are Leanne Ohta and Ana Magarin, and we are the Maui Sugar Mamas. We were both raised here on Maui, and today we raise our families here. We are fun, dedicated mommies, but ironically we are dental professionals who have a love and passion for baking. We went to college together and have been best friends for over 30 years.

Origin Story

How We Started

We owe our passion to Leanne’s mom, who is an amazing baker and Ana’s high school food service teacher, and also our families for inspiring us to continue what we have been doing for many years.

We always talked about going into business together and how fun it would be to do it with your best friend. We ventured into Entrepreneurship when a friend suggested we collaborate with a coffee shop and sell our `ono banana bread. That opportunity fell through, but our passion allowed us to push forward and continue our dream with our delicious addicting cookies. We established our company in August 2016 and have grown by means of social media and word of mouth.

illustration of Leanne & AnaAna and Leanne walking in a park

Baking Up Sweetness

Our cookies began with a family recipe which we revamped and made our own, creating over 24 different flavors for our customers  to enjoy. Each has a unique name with a meaning or story behind it. Most times our creative juices peak near midnight.

Our Brand

Behind the Name

Behind the Maui Sugar Mamas name is a meaning that represents us…“Maui” represents the place of our upbringing, “Sugar” of course because we all have a sweet tooth, and “Mamas” because we are hardworking moms who take care of our families and also are dedicated to our company.

Behind the Logo

Our logo is a cupcake; the frosting is “Leanne’s” nickname, “Lee”, turned sideways. “Ana” is embedded into the muffin cup, and the cupcake top is the shape of a molar tooth, which represents our profession. Why a cupcake, you ask? We bake cookies today but we have goals to expand our products and be a more versatile company. The whole name and logo is our story and future in a nutshell.

Our goal is to build a cookie empire that touches many people’s hearts

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